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PostSubject: AIRSOFT PART 2   Mon Jun 23, 2008 3:50 pm

Game management
Air soft games can be run by the players themselves using agreed upon rules. However, games become more realistic and usually thought to be more fun for the participants if a game marshal controls the flow of play and provides on-the-spot impartial rulings. Airsoft game scenarios can vary widely according to mission type, number of teams, number of players per team, in-game objectives or victory conditions, and game durations. Popular game scenarios include center-flag capture or recovery, team flag delivery, hostage-rescue, ambuscades, raids or assaults, and death-match (all-out elimination) skirmishes.

It is the marshal's task to segregate the players into teams, determine the game scenario and its victory conditions, assign game objectives to various teams, brief the participants, delimit playing boundaries, and set the game duration. By means of whistles, flags, megaphones, and walkie-talkie radios, a group of marshals can handle dozens to hundreds of players in a series of episodes or nonstop play. Depending on the game scenario, players may be eliminated with a single hit, taken out of and returned to action with the aid of "medics," or allowed to "respawn" (re-enter the game) at certain places or times. A good game marshal strives to maintain a high level of excitement and activity for all the players involved while maintaining safety, impartiality, and "in-game realism."

Furthermore, those intending to operate game sites or hold game events should coordinate with local public authorities, designate safe zones and boundaries, invite the players to the site, and supply players and guests with adequate parking facilities, toilet facilities, water and electrical supply, as well as sell food, ammo, or other provisions needed (especially if the game site is relatively inaccessible to commercial establishments).

While airsoft guns are safer than a real firearm, they are by no means safe. Airsoft weapons should be treated the same as a real firearm; some of the safety precautions that anyone who is handling or shooting an airsoft rifle should follow are: to wear protective lenses or goggles, to keep their finger off of the trigger until ready to fire, and only point the gun in a safe direction. Shooters are advised to never point their weapons at animals, nor at unprotected or non-playing people. There are more safety precautions that are included in the user manuals for airsoft weaponry. The power source of the airsoft gun, be it gas, a manual cocking spring, or an electric motor does not affect how safe or unsafe the gun is.

The majority of airsoft guns are operated by an electric motor and powered by a battery. While usually safe when unmodified, any work done to the electrical system can pose an inexperienced airsofer a shock or fire hazard. This is normally only an issue when the airsoft gun is used with a power source it is not rated for, i.e. a Gas Blow-Back Glock 17 rated for 134A gas used with Propane, or a low end electric

In the United States of America, representing an airsoft weapon as a real firearm is a federal felony; for this and safety concerns, all airsoft weapons in the United States are required to have the front quarter inch of their muzzle(s) painted blaze orange.

Damage Effects on Human Flesh
A very close-range shot from an airsoft BB on bare skin from a gun with a velocity over 400 FPS will usually break the skin and cause minor bleeding. Shots from over 100 feet will not cause bleeding, but will possibly leave a small bruise, depending on the power of the gun.

A BB can easily cause severe injury to the eye of a person not wearing eye protection. Eye protection must be worn at all times and must never be taken off in the playing field.
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