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 How to register your Airsoft guns. Step by Step.

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PostSubject: How to register your Airsoft guns. Step by Step.   Mon Jul 26, 2010 5:41 pm

What you will need beforehand:

3.) STENCIL & BALLISTICS form - 2 Copies
4.) 1 1X1 Colored picture
5.) 2 2X2 Colored picture
6.) Birth Certificate Photocopy
7.) Current Cedula Photocopy
8.) Cash Needed
Gun Registration 200.00
PTT 360.00
Notarization 20- 30.00
plate engraving 60-120/pc, 120.00
photocopying around Php 50.00, 50.00
Processing fee 150.00. 150.00
More or less mga 910.00 or 1,000 nalang andama (snacks ug plete pa diay)

1.) Fill out one Copy of "APPLICATION FOR AIRSOFT REGISTRATION" form. Paste a 1x1 picture on it, Mark your right thumb mark on the square provided. Have this completed form NOTARIZED. Daghan didto tapad sa Cebu City Hall.

2.) Fill out 2 copies of "CERTIFICATE OF REGISTRATION" form. Paste 2X2 picture, right thumbmark, don't forget to sign these forms. Andam daan ug TIN No. if naa ka.

3.) Fill out 2 copies of "STENCIL AND BALLISTICS CERTIFICATE" forms, Sign these in advance.

4.) Submit to SPO1 Emil Jarina at the Firearms & Explosives Division. Attach also a photocopy of your birth cetificate and cedula with the forms.

After inspecting all forms. He will issue 2 payment orders. Php 200.00 for the airsoft registration and the second one Php 360.00 (kung first of 5 guns nimo ipa register) for the issuance of a 1 (One) Year PTT (Permit to transport) permit.
He will also assign to you a REGISTRATION SERIAL NUMBER for your gun(s).

5.) Go to Landbank and pay.
Landbank Schedules:

Landbank P.Del Rossario 9am-12am only.
Landbank Escario & Plaza Independancia 1pm to 3pm only.

6.) Have your gun engraved or a plate engraved with the Serial No. given to you at Step 4. Have 2 or 3 made daan kay based on experience during game play usahay matangtang ang mga plate.

7.) Go back to the Firearms & Explosives division with the bank receipts and YOUR GUN with your newly engraved plate installed on the receiver.

8.) SPO1 Jarina will now stencil your gun. After this process. He will have you photocopy all the documents at this opportunity make 3 copies of everything. Bank receipts, forms you filled up, stencils taken.

9.) Return to SPO1 Jarina with the photocopies. He will then STAMP on each set "PROCESSED" and sign the documents. Keep one copy at home for your copy, one copy in your gun bag inside a clear plastic pouch, and one copy to me or the the secretary for the teams records.

10.) Upon sending the original documents here is a Php 150.00 processing fee. So please prepare exact change.

I hope this help you all become responsible airsofters and law abiding citizens. Prioritize your game unaha imong registro before ka mag pa upgrade2 sa imong pusil.

The next time ka mag pa registro ug lain pusil dili naka mo bayad ug another Php 360.00 this is good for 5 guns for 1 (one) year nga PTT. So sa sunod 200 plus 150 nalang.

If you follow these steps and prepare ahead i think you can finish the registration process in one whole day or 2 days maximum.
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How to register your Airsoft guns. Step by Step.
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